Repair Solutions.

Proprietary Polishing Process.

At Gearvana, we offer a proven industry-trusted solution that increases your bottom line! Our polishing process completely transforms the cosmetic condition and value of your devices (or harvested display modules) with consistent yields.

Real Magic.

Our ReFresh™ Device & Display Polishing is a unique and proprietary process designed to transform the cosmetic condition and value of your devices and harvested display modules. Our patented equipment and processes will skyrocket the bottom-line value of your inventory while at the same time taking the guesswork out of choosing what candidates give the best outcomes.

proprietary solution

Proven 5-Step process solution.

Our 5-step process has been approved by virtually every device OEM, Major Insurance Provider, and Phone Carriers for results, quality, and the reliability of our patented re-application of the Anti-Fingerprint Oleophobic Coating layer.

Additional Revenue

Allows modules & wholesale devices.

The ReFresh Polishing™ process can be applied to full devices or Display Module components. Reduce the need to buy new display modules because of scratches on the cover glass.

Keep It Sweet & Simple

Kick-Ass integrated selection system.

Our proprietary system takes the guesswork out of choosing what devices are the right candidates for a proper “Grade Skip”. No more human error, guesswork, or wasted time on product that won’t provide the desired outcome for your program goals. The ReFresh Polishing™ KISS process allows you to Keep It Sweet & Simple.

most dependable

Consistent yields.

You can rely on the ReFresh Polishing™ process to provide you consistent yields of 98%, or better, which allows you to make smarter business decisions with your inventory. ReFresh = Reliability you can bank on!

up the value

Grade Skip.

Move the value of your scratched glass inventory up without the need to replace display modules. ReFresh Polishing™ allows you to improve your devices cosmetic conditions by up-grading!

fast & cost effective

Quick turn-around times.

The ReFresh Polishing™ process does not require sealing, curing or ridiculously long run times, which provides you the industry’s fastest processing times with out-of-this-world scratch removal results. Quietly, cleanly and cost effectively.

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