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Empowering and transforming the repair industry since 2008


Since 2008, Gearvana® has been on a mission to revolutionize end-to-end consumer electronic lifecycle management, repairs, and accessories. Gearvana leads the industry in innovating scalable systems for training staff, best-in-class repair management systems, transparent supply chain solutions, and cutting-edge smart product accessories. We are passionate about creating strategic partnerships and dedicated to empowering people and organizations through the sharing of knowledge, experience, and resources. 


Joshua Gray


Jorman Ong


William Agnew

chief operating officer

Robert Paik

CHIEF technology OFFICER

Han Tuerker

Chief Marketing Officer

Johnathan King



being a hero

Gearvana believes we can save the world one repair and one company at a time. We lead with our hearts to positively change the lives of the people we touch, constantly striving to change the world through human connection.

level the playing field

We believe that by partnering with the right people, doing things the right way and providing the right solutions; together, we celebrate mutual success.

we build trust

Through transparency and open, authentic communication we are able to build and grow exponentially. We assume positive intent and lead the way by extending trust.

stay thirsty

We have an unquenchable thirst for continual learning. By using data to innovate and constantly improve we stay curious and “want to learn it all”!

empower ownership

We empower entrepreneurship by believing in people and helping them to achieve their dreams.

walk the walk

We don’t just talk the talk, we do what we say and say what we do!

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